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A couple of weekends ago, the weather and ground were deemed good enough to let the herd out to pasture for the first time since being overwintered in the Barn. I’d never seen this amazing event before, so I grabbed my camera to capture the ladies of the herd heading out to pasture.

Mark and I headed to the top of the field where we’d set out a fence earlier in the day. As it’s the first time for a few months that they’ve been out, I was warned they’d be quite frisky! So we had to stand at the boundaries to remind them of the fences!

When they came into view, I couldn’t help laughing – these usually sedate gentle giants, were prancing around like lambs!! They all charged up to the top of the field, then back down again, then back up again! Some of the cows were rubbing their heads in the dust, and flicking it up over their backs with their front hooves. The little calves in the herd were also enjoying themselves, and seemed to be working out all the goings on, and wondering where they fitted into the heirachy.

After a few frantic charges, they all seemed to settle down and get on with the important task of grazing, while soaking up some sun.

Anyone staying at Somerset Yurts this time next year, will be more than welcome to come along and witness this brilliant event – a real treat, and a sure sign that Spring is here, and Summer is on the way :)


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We had no idea what a treat we were in for, this is glamping at its absolute – yet affordable – best

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