We’ve been really lucky to have some guests review our yurts over the last couple of months. We love seeing how our guests spend their time at the yurts, and we think they do a great job of explaining exactly what glamping in a Yurt in Somerset is like!

If you are wondering what it would be like to go glamping, then you should check out these write ups to get a real feel for Somerset Yurts!

“We had no idea what a treat we were in for, this is glamping at its absolute – yet affordable – best.”

Penny even recorded her holiday and made a video!

We particularly loved seeing a dinosaur emerging from Cherrygrove Yurt!!

“We were really surprised when we returned home and realised that we had only managed a couple of these attractions, just where had the weekend gone? Well, to put it simply, we were all just relaxing, soaking up the atmosphere at Somerset Yurts.”
Annie Spratt of Mammasaurus – read her write up, with fabulous photo’s here

“For me the best thing was spending 3 days out in the fresh air, watching my kids turn feral before my very eyes. They were in HEAVEN – running around flying paper aeroplanes and kites, playing dress up and generally loving the freedom to just BE KIDS! It was like some kind of idyll – for them AND us!”
Katy Hill, TV and Radio presenter – read Katy’s write up on her blog, again with brilliant photo’s of her time at the yurts, along with her experience of staying in a yurt in Mongolia here

Thanks to everyone for their amazing reviews – the words, photo’s and video perfectly describe what we are all about.


Special thank you to Annie Spratt, of Mammasaurus for the image featured in this post 🙂