Farm News - First Silage Cut

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Well it has been a very busy weekend on the farm as we finally managed to bring our first cut of silage in! Mark has been permanently watching the weather forecast to grab a two day rain-free run so that we can cut the 90 acres of grass one day and bring it in to the silage pit the next! As you may have noticed, the weather forecasting has been rather unreliable for the last couple of weeks, so in the end we had to just go for it as the grass was getting a bit out of control! Fortunately we were lucky, and we did get our two dry days! Yay! Relief all round :)

Our boys, Will and Tommy, have been highly entertained with the day long procession of HUGE tractors and trailers bringing the loads of grass back - we use a contractor to cut and bring our silage in, as it would take us a week to do what they can do in a couple of days!

Watching Tractors It's really amazing to see the pit fill up throughout the day, and these tractors are seriously large! Will and Tommy even helped Daddy show our yurt guests the pit being filled, an added bonus to the farm tour this weekend!

Silage Pit Progress

We headed out early yesterday morning to see the full up pit before it was covered up with the silage sheets - Will thought it was a great adventure climbing up to the top (in his boots and PJ's!).

On Top of The World!

Due to the lateness of the cut, we have a really full pit - we'd normally expect to fit two or three different cuts into this pit, but I think we are already full! Lots and lots of lovely grass for the cows over winter. We'll probably have to put much of the next cut into wrapped round bales, so we'll have even more!

Helping Daddy It was lovely spotting the herd from the top of the silage pit - from up there I could see over the farm sheds to the field they were grazing, which happens to be Gotton Down, just in front of the Yurts!

Cows Grazing

We had no idea what a treat we were in for, this is glamping at its absolute – yet affordable – best

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