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With our first yurt having now been up for two months, and three more yurts on their way, I thought I would outline how and why we decided to choose authentic mongolian yurts.

Ever since we decided to set up yurts at Hill Farm, I had authentic yurts in mind. There are so many different options, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Modern designs have excellent weatherproofing and a more contemporary feel, but for me, they seem to have something lacking. After several months of researching online, and a few visits to various places, we made up our minds to go for Ulaantaij yurts via Yurts Direct. There are many yurts being made in Mongolia and China, but not all meet the high standards or have the ethical credentials that Yurts Direct offer.

Our reasons for choosing yurts from Ulaantaij:

  • Designed and constructed specifically for a European climate.
  • Ulaantaij believe in the right of every person to a job at fair wages, with dignity and justice.
  • A percentage of all sales go to support Mongolian based charities.
  • Constructed using ethically sourced natural components and modern materials.
  • Yurts are painted or carved with traditional Mongolian designs.
  • Ulaantaij have exported yurts to the West longer than anyone else, so we felt confident that we were in good hands!

Once we had our yurt in place, we knew we had made the right decision, as we were (and still are!) blown away by its beauty. It truly is a magical place to spend time in, and everyone who has stepped into our yurt has exclaimed ‘wow!’. It has also withstood some seriously strong gales, and heavy rain over the last couple of months, so we feel more and more confident in its ability to endure all that the English weather can throw at it!

We can’t wait to collect the next three. We have opted for green, orange, and red painted designs, so it will be interesting to see how they compare to the light blue one, which has a really calming and peaceful feel to it.

We had no idea what a treat we were in for, this is glamping at its absolute – yet affordable – best

Penny Alexander

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