So October is here, and that means the end of the 2013 season, and time for the yurts to come down and hibernate for the Winter. We’ve had a fantastic sunny season, with lots of lovely guests, new and old.

Yurts packed up

This year we have decided to take all the yurts down, to help them stay in tip top condition over the colder and damper Winter months. This is quite a task as the yurts take up a lot of space when they are up as well as down! Our first task of emptying the yurts of their contents was done this week, so we are now looking forward to some sunny weather tomorrow to start the dismantling and storing of the actual yurts.

This week has also seen our maize harvest come in. This will provide our hungry herd with maize silage over the Winter, to complement their grass silage, once they come in undercover for the colder months. Mark snapped our contractors in their huge tractors tipping out and rolling over the Maize late into the dark Autumn evening.

Maize 1Maize 2