Weddings at Somerset Yurts

If you’re looking for a Farm wedding venue, whether it’s a Barn or Festival wedding you want to organise, we’d love to help.

Our site here at Somerset Yurts provides the opportunity for you to create a beautiful rustic DIY wedding reception with plenty of freedom to make the event unique to you.

Here at Somerset Yurts we have a Yurt (and Dome and Safari tent) glamping site spread over about 3 acres as a part of our Dairy Farm, with a wonderful old “Dutch Barn” or “marquee” site that you can use to host your wedding reception.

There’s plenty of space for entertainment, parking, and glamping – and we can help you with contacts for catering, services, and other suppliers.

If that sounds of interest: Read on 🙂

The Yurts and Barn provide a pretty unique site for your wedding reception. It’s a great, hidden away, location for a nice relaxed celebration of your marriage.

The Barn could be the perfect venue for you but, we also have a large flat “marquee” (for want of a better name) site in one of the Yurt fields – so if don’t want to use the Barn, there’s space for you to hire in a large party tent to host your guests more of a festival wedding setting.

We’re flexible and want to help you create the perfect event for you to celebrate with your friends and family.

We’re not licensed for the formal ceremony, so you’ll need to do the legal marriage part elsewhere, if you need suggestions for that please get in touch – but we can help you host your evening celebration the way you want it in the beautiful Somerset countryside.

The Barn

The Dutch barn above is a really traditional farm building, seen on many farms up and down the UK, you’ve probably driven past loads of them on your travels.

It was traditionally used to store hay, straw or silage as feed for cattle over the winter.

Our Dutch Barn is still used for straw storage over the winter, but during the nicer months of the year it’s empty and useable to host parties.

In those nicer months, we stack straw bales to act as temporary walls at either end to “keep the weather out”  –  creating a great event space, which you can decorate as you wish.

We can also provide small bales with blankets for seating for a really simple rustic look.

The Barn has good electric and water supplies for all your entertainment and catering requirements.

The middle section of the barn is about 60ft * 30ft, and the “lean-to” is about 60ft * 35ft – all of which is available for you to use, and provides a fairly huge undercover area for entertainment or seated catering.

There’s also a large “yard” area at the back of the barn, perfect for hosting catering vans, and posh loos for your guests.

If you’re looking for ideas about Barn Weddings, has a section with lots of real barn weddings.

Festival Wedding

To give lots of options for wedding receptions, we also created a 30m * 30m nice flat site (with water supply and electric) so if you’d prefer to hire in a Marquee/Stretch Tent/Large Yurt/Tipi for your wedding reception – the option is there for you as well.

Of course, we’re biased, but we think we’re a great option for a festival wedding – whether you use the barn or the field around it – the flexibility is there for you to choose.

We looked around a few cool wedding tent hire companies and sized the site to hopefully cater for most options out there – you’re more than welcome to come and have a look at the site to see if you think it’ll work for whatever you have in mind 🙂

If you want to go for the tented field wedding option, there are some great suppliers of stretch tents, HUGE yurts, and marquees that we’ve been in contact with and would be happy to help provide for your reception.

Some of the companies we’re aware of that hire tents for weddings include:

Stretch Tents:


For more traditional wedding marquees:

Obviously, there are loads more options for large tent hire – provide listings of loads of options!

There are some great festival wedding sites that that can help with ideas on how to plan a festival wedding:

We also have a pinterest board capturing some great ideas that we think could look great on our site.

DIY Wedding

Creating your own event is a great option if you’re wanting to do something a bit different than the traditional hotel package “white” table type of wedding reception.

We think the Yurts and Barn make a great venue where you can really create a unique event to celebrate with your friends and family.

An added benefit hosting your reception here at Somerset Yurts can be done in quite a budget friendly way.

If you’re reading this you’re well aware that DIY weddings are a really popular option – the idea of hiring a barn or field to create your own unique event is fairly well established – some sites we like for DIY wedding ideas include:


Hopefully, there’s some inspiration on those sites that you can use here 🙂


We’re a small site here so you’ll be booking all our accommodation of 8 glamping units – plus a charge for using the site for your wedding.

Total costs for the site for a weekend is in the region of £4000-4500 depending on the time of year. Please see our wedding price list page for more details.

Over half of that cost is for accommodation, so if your guests are paying for their own accommodation, the cost to you as bride and groom is significantly less.

For the evening the site can host up to 120 guests – and we can sleep around 32 across our glamping accommodation, with extra space for campers too – contact us for more details.

In addition to our exclusive site and accommodation hire, you’ll need to consider:

  • entertainment
  • photographer (if you’re having one)
  • catering
  • table / chair / decoration hire
  • portable loo hire

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but to just give some idea of potential additional costs.

There are more ideas for the food, drink, and entertainment below:

Entertainment Ideas

You’ll quite probably want some music to dance the night away, so you can happily organise a band or DJ. The options are too huge to list here!

We’ll need to chat about your plans so we can organise the required “Temporary Event Notice” for you with our local council.

Please get in contact to talk through what you’d like to do 🙂

One of the benefits of staying with us over the weekend, is that you get to extend time with friends and family – not just the day itself, which can be a bit of a whirlwind!

The day before, you can all arrive at your leisure in the afternoon, and share a family BBQ, whilst getting everything ready for the big day ahead – preparing the flower jars, bunting, seating etc.

On the morning, preparations can continue after a champagne breakfast 🙂 Relax and take a stroll in the fields, then everyone can get dressed up for the ceremony. Once the ceremony is over, the party and celebrations can begin back at the yurts and barn!

A lovely idea for the afternoon is to have a folk band play some barn dance style tunes to get everyone in the mood while you nibble on your picnic hamper/pizza/hog roast (see below for more yummy food inspiration!).

Later on, a covers band to get everyone up and dancing, or a DJ playing some of your favourite tunes will really get the party started!

Other things you can have going on include – campfire and marshmallow toasting, bouncy castle, ice cream cart, sweet treats cart, photo booth… we are sure you have some ideas of your own too!

Feeding the masses and other ideas


Some ideas for providing food for your guests could include:

That’s just to give you some “food for thought”, haha 🙂  again there are loads more options out there, and I’m sure we’ve missed plenty of good ones.


Of course, you can do a DIY bar, or your guests can bring their own to share – there are also lots of options available for mobile bar hire for your event.

As an example, there are several companies listed on this site: and we can help your search if needed.


We’re a small glamping site most of the year, with perhaps 20-30 people on site maximum.

So for your reception, our Yurt facilities will have to be “off limits” for your reception guests (we don’t want anything overflowing on your night!!)

As such, hiring in portable toilets for your guests is required if you do decide to book your wedding reception here.

There are several mobile “posh loo” hire companies that are relatively local to us including:


There’s a field over the road from the Yurt site that we use for your guests parking – hopefully keeping non essential vehicles away from the site so they don’t appear in the background of any photos, and don’t present any danger to children on site.


We have a few standard wedding signs that you can use at the various road junctions on the way to our site to help your guests find us.

Whilst we’re tucked away in the countryside, we’re only a 10-minute drive from Taunton, and about 15 minutes from either junction 24 or junction 25 of the M5 – so hopefully your guests won’t be lost navigating miles and miles of country lanes to find us 🙂


Many of the shots of the weddings on this page were taken by the pictures look great from what we’ve seen and the Bride and Groom were very happy with her.

There are also plenty of local photographers – a couple of examples include:

Weekend celebration with family and friends staying onsite

The site is yours for the weekend (or midweek) so you can really make the site and your event as unique as your imagination.

We have 5 Yurts, 1 Dome and 2 Safari lodges as of 2019

Sleeping arrangements:

  • Yurts: double bed, double futon
  • Dome double bed, double Futon
  • Safari lodges: double bed, 2 singles

Sleeping on site a total of about 32 (or 8 families of 4). We’re also open to additional guests camping so please call to discuss your requirements.

The facilities for people staying in our accommodation include a section of the barn with a regular kitchen, and proper flushing loos and power showers. There’s plenty of BBQ’s and fire areas so you can enjoy a nice campfire with your closer family / friends on the night before or after.

More details are available on our Accomodation and Facilities pages.

In summary – we’re really flexible and hope we can help you create a weekend for you to celebrate your wedding in the way you want to with your friends and family – please get in contact to discuss in more detail and come and visit us to have a look and get a real feel of what we have to offer here 🙂


phone: 07811 350176

Bride and groom in the Yurt field